Starting Wednesday 15th January 2020

(first week will be a trial session with no obligation to sign up for the course)

William Collyn community centre
Wellbrook way

A six week contemporary dance course for ladies who want to dance, love to dance, used to dance or who just want to be part of a wild warrior sisterhood....

Come and join us for an hour of no inhibitions and creative wonder!

wild warrior sisterhood 1.jpg

Please be assured you do NOT need to be a dancer, you do NOT need to have experience or be extremely fit to do this. The most important part of this is the sisterhood,the well-being,wellness and uniting of wonderful warrior women.

One hour to give you a confidence boost and mix with like minded wonderful women. We will be a sisterhood and it is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends.

Contemporary fusion dance is for anyone and I PROMISE you can do it and more than anything you will leave feeling FANTASTIC about yourself.

Get in touch today to learn more about the Wild Warrior Sisterhood and further information on events


Course price is £32.50